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Alice Drive Baptist Church is expanding our reach into Sumter, Clarendon and Lee Counties.  We believe that God is leading us to a ministry approach that’s going to allow us to extend beyond our present location at 1305 Loring Mill Road.

Using a multi-site approach we plan to initially launch a campus in the Sumter area and eventually to launch campuses in underserved communities throughout this section of South Carolina.  The campuses will serve as an extension of Alice Drive.  We will be one church with many campuses, one deacon board, one committee structure, one ministry team, one budget, one mission and one approach to ministry.  The goal is to take the DNA of Alice Drive and reproduce it on other campuses in targeted neighborhoods 15 to 25 minutes away, or in towns/communities where we have a reasonable opportunity to create a healthy congregation.

  • How does the multi-site approach work?  Alice Drive would join about 8,000 other churches nationwide that are currently using this concept of one church meeting in multiple locations.  The new campus would incorporate the same biblically-based teaching, multi-generational approach to ministry, pursue excellence in children and student ministries, Sunday morning LIFE Groups, high commitment to outreach, and engage in exciting worship.
  • Why launch new congregations through the multi-site approach?  God is providing us with opportunities to reach more people for Christ by expanding our geographic boundaries.  The new campus will extend our ministry impact by launching our core values out into Sumter and other surrounding communities.  A body of believers with a heart and passion for that region will be placed right in the midst of the people.  Each new campus will provide more leadership and service opportunities.
  • Why launch multi-site instead of planting a new church?  Both approaches are good and are in line with the biblical value of multiplication.  This is consistent with the Alice Drive philosophy of “helping as many people as possible.”

Here are some advantages of taking a multi-site approach:

  • Shared leadership:  The strength of the first campus in terms of mission, leadership and culture makes the new campus strong from day one.
  • Shared resources:  The processes for message planning, leadership training, communication, budget, etc. give the new campus a jump start.  The pastor who leads the campus can focus on evangelism and making disciples rather than spending time in weekly message preparation.
  • Shared commitment:  The commitment of our established congregation in prayer, financial resources and relationships provides a mature base that is not available to a smaller, independent church plant.
  • Strong reputation:  Those considering church may have some knowledge of Alice Drive that would give them confidence in checking out a campus near them.
  • Smaller gathering:  The number one objection to attending Alice Drive is that it is a big church.  By creating a campus that has a smaller church feel with all the resources of a larger church, we can reach an audience that we’re not currently reaching.
  • Higher success rate:  New campuses typically have a 90% success rate as opposed to new church plants, which have a 68% success rate.  The average multi-site campus averages 361 people in weekend attendance, versus church plants that average 80 in attendance.
  • How will starting another location impact our current campus?  Our hope is that those who currently attend Alice Drive will feel God’s call to worship at the new campus and eventually make that campus their home.  The area that we are planning on is the Pocalla/Lakewood area, south of Sumter. We have approximately 200 households within a 10‑minute drive of the intersection of U.S. 15 South and Old Manning Road.  The reality will be somewhat like having the multiple services we currently experience.  We will still see each other at church wide events, on mission trips and in leadership meetings, etc.  We’re all still part of the Alice Drive family; we’re simply offering other services at other locations.
  • What will the Sunday services at the new campus be like?  The services at both the Loring Mill campus and the other campuses will follow the same format in terms of teaching, worship, full children’s and student’s programming, and LIFE groups.  We are committed to have the same teaching across all campuses.  Therefore, we’re going to be delivering the same sermon at each location.  Initially, we see the teaching being a mix of video delivery and live delivery.  The video will be seamlessly integrated into the service of the new campuses.
  • Who is going to carry out ministry at the new campus?  A campus pastor will lead a team of staff and lay volunteers.  This team will work in relationship to their counterparts at the Loring Mill campus. Jock Hendricks, our current Outreach Pastor, will serve as the first campus pastor.   He will host the service at the new campus and shepherd the people at that location just as people are shepherded by lay leadership and pastors at the Loring Mill campus.  A worship team, a children’s leader and student leader will share the ministry work with him.  We are currently in the search for a new outreach pastor.

The larger the core group that goes to launch the new campus, the higher the probability of success.  We want to launch with 200 adults, plus children and students.  These 200 adults are signing up to serve as Children/Preschool Leaders, Student leaders, LIFE Group Leaders, First Impressions Leaders, and Set-up/Tear Down Leaders.

  • What technology changes will be necessary to launch a multi site?  Thankfully, with the upgrades that were made to our audio, video or lighting capabilities at the Loring Mill campus during the As Many As Possible Campaign we are ready to launch. We will need to outfit each new campus with the equipment necessary to create a quality integrated worship environment.
  • How much will launching multi site cost?  Estimates range from $150,000.00 to $250,000.00 to launch a new campus.  This does not include the ongoing ministry funding.  The bulk of this money is to purchase the portable furnishings and the technology needed for the campus to function in a temporary location.  If the campus launch is large enough then the new campus should be self-sustaining day one.
  • Where are we projecting starting?  We are planning to start at Pocalla Springs Elementary School for the first two years.  The principal of Pocalla Springs is particularly excited, and eager for us to come.  Pocalla Springs is the largest elementary school in the Sumter School District.
  • What is the schedule for this initiative? 


November 2016

1st – Campus Staff on payroll

November 6 – December 4, 2016

Incubating period in The Studio; One service

January 2017

8th – Commission Service; Re-Launch Both campuses

15th, 22nd, 29th – Pre Launch Services at Pocalla Church

February 2017

5th – Grand Opening of Pocalla Church

Fall 2017

Begin Second Service at Pocalla Church

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