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Groups & Times


We believe church is a place of grace, that’s why we believe you should know community.

Join others your age; every Sunday morning and Monday evening.


Sunday Morning   6th-12th grade in The Venue at 9:45AM and 11:00AM


Monday Evening   6th-11th grade meets on the 2nd Floor Lobby  8PM

                                12th grade- College meets in The Venue  8PM


What We Do

LIFEGroups are age specific groups where students connect with each other and adults who will mentor and invest in their lives on a week basic.   The lessons are based on the Gospel Project. Learn more about the Gospel Project and Curriculum here.


One Simple Thought: Community



What We Are Studying


Gospel Project Spring 2017  The Rescue Begins

God the Son (Gospels)


Jesus the Risen King

October 15-  The Emmaus Road | Luke 24: 13-35

October 22-  Jesus Appeared to the Disciples | John 20: 19-23

October 29- Thomas Doubted | John 20: 24-29

November 5- The Call to Follow Him | John 21: 1-23

November 12- The Great Commission | Matthew 28:16-20

November 19- Jesus Ascended | Acts 1:4-14

November 26- Special Session: A Song of Thanksgiving | Isaiah 2:1-6


The Spirit Who Empowers

December 3- The Day of Pentecost | Acts 2:1-4, 32-47

December 10- The Spread of the Gospel | Acts 3:1-10; 4:5-31

December 17- The Church Grew in Unity | Acts 4: 32-5:11

December 24- Special Session: The First Christmas Carol | Philippians 2:5-11

December 31- The First Martyr of the Church | Acts 6:8-15; 7:44-60

January 7- Philip the Evangelist | Acts 8:26-40

January 14- God Doesn’t Show Favoritism | Acts 10:1-16, 34-48


The God Who Sends

January 21- Paul’s Conversion | Acts 9:1-25

January 28- The Church Sends Missionaries | Acts 13:1-3; 14:8-28

February 4- The Message of the Gospel | Acts 15:1-21

February 11- The Gospel is for Everyone | Acts 16:11-34

February 18- The Gospel Meets Culture | Acts 17:16-33

February 25- Intentional Living | Acts 18:1-4, 24-28; 20:17-24

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