Is God Blind?
Sun, Mar 04, 2018 Part one of series Blind; Amos 4:6-16; Dr Clay Smith; Alice Drive Baptist Church       Series: Blind    Teacher: Dr. Clay Smith


Life Group Discussion Guide

Every Life Group is Different.  Please use these questions to help engage your group with the passage.  Feel free to modify them as needed.


Starter: What do you think God would judge the United States for?


Interaction with Amos:

  • Read Amos 2:6-8
  • How would you describe this culture?
  • How is the culture of the US different than this culture?  How is it the same?
  • Read Amos 2:9-10
  • In your opinion, what has God done for the United States?  Count our blessings as a nation.
  • Read Amos 2:11
  • In your opinion, who has God sent during your lifetime to a messenger to our country/culture?
  • Read Amos 2:12
  • How does our culture treat messengers from God?
  • Read Amos 2:13-16
  • In your opinion, how do Americans trust their military might instead of God?
  • What values, aspirations, and attitudes do you need to change to be the change God calls His people to be?


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