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Sun, Aug 20, 2017 Part 1 of series The Next Step Life, John 17:3<br /> Dr Clay Smith<br /> Alice Drive Baptist Church<br /> 2017-08-20       Series: Next Step Life    Teacher: Dr. Clay Smith

Goal:  Identify your next step of Knowing Jesus.
What part of the message spoke to you – a thought, an insight, an observation?  (Or if your group meets before most members will hear the message, use this question instead: “What’s the difference between knowing about someone and knowing someone?”)
Know Jesus
Read John 17:3
·       To Know God/Jesus is to experience Him.  How have you experienced God/Jesus at work in your life?
Explore the Meaning of Life
Read Luke 11:10
·       Do you think people don’t find God because they aren’t seeking?
·       What do you think are peoples’ most common questions about God?
·       Is your next step to explore the meaning of life?
Decide for Jesus
Read John 3:16
·       A belief is something you act on with all of who you are because you decide it is true.  In your opinion, what actions should a Jesus follower take, if he or she truly believes God gave Jesus so a person could do life with him right now – and on into heaven?
·       If a person’s next step was to decide for Jesus, what would you instruct them to do? 
Read Acts 8:36, 38
·       Baptism is a sign of the story of Jesus and a person.  Why do you think the Ethiopian Eunuch wanted to be baptized?
·       Is your next step baptism? 
Living a Life of Worship
Read Romans 11:36
·       A life of worship is seeing God at work in all parts of your life.  If you are comfortable, please share about a time you saw God at work in your life.
·       What could you do to be more aware of God at work in your life?
Your Next Step:
It will help the group tremendously if everyone answers these questions:
·       What’s your next step to Know Jesus?  Is it:
o   Exploring the Meaning of Life?
o   Deciding for Jesus?
o   Being Baptized?
o   Living a Life of Worship?
·       What’s your next, next step?
o   Exploring can continue with Jesus at your side.
o   Deciding for Jesus is a once-in-a-lifetime decision.
o   Being baptized of your own choice is a one-time act.
o   Living a life of worship is a daily choice.
Would you be willing to report back to the group next week what happened when you took your next step?

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