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View our Staff, Deacons and Vision Council by clicking the tabs below:


View our Staff, Deacons and Vision Council by clicking the tabs below:



  • Clay Smith
    Clay Smith
    Lead Pastor

    Since 1994, Clay has served as Lead Pastor at Alice Drive.  He is the primary communicator for Sunday and Monday services.  Along with the other Pastors, Vision Council and Deacons, he sets vision and direction for our church.  He is responsible to Jesus for keeping our church focused on the mission God has for us – to help as many people as possible take their next step toward Jesus Christ.  Clay is married to Gina and they have three children:  Abram, Hannah, and Sarah.

  • Mark Partin
    Mark Partin
    Administrative Pastor

    Mark has served as the Administrative Pastor since 2005. His job involves the behind the scenes part of the church where he enjoys taking care of the details that make sure the environments are ready for people to take a next step towards Jesus. Mark is married to Gayla. They met at Alice Drive! They have a daughter Jenna, a son-in-law Matthew and a granddaughter Addie.

  • Todd Fleming
    Todd Fleming
    Education & Discipleship Pastor

    With a background as a former sales rep and senior pastor, Todd now serves as Education and Discipleship Pastor at Alice Drive since 2008.  He is the vision carrier and leader of adult ministries, overseeing LIFE Groups and FISH Discipleship Classes.  He coaches and supervises staff in the areas of adult, student, children, and preschool ministries.  He is married to Penny and has three children: Ben, Adam, and Cat.

  • Jock Hendricks
    Jock Hendricks
    Pastor of Campuses+ Outreach

    Jock has been on the ADBC staff since 2004. As the Outreach Pastor, he oversees the local, national and global mission partnerships. His other responsibilities include preaching, teaching, First Impressions, and salvation/baptism conversations. Jock and his wife Tammy have three daughters: Anna Beth, Emma Kate and Jessi Grace; and a grandson Rayland James.

  • Mandy Easton
    Mandy Easton
    Creative Pastor

    Mandy has been on staff since 2011 serving in a variety of roles. She stepped into her role as Creative Pastor in 2018. She oversees Traditional and Contemporary worship, Communications, Tech/Media and First Impressions. Mandy, and her husband Ben, have five children Jack, Katie, Sarah Ann, Emily June and Luke.

  • Steve McLellan
    Steve McLellan
    Minster of Pastoral Care

    Steve has served on staff since August 2016 as minister of pastoral care. He has served in various ministerial roles for the past 42 years. His primary role is to minister to families experiencing illness or in need of pastoral care. Steve is the proud dad of two sons, two daughters, and has five grandchildren. 

  • Delmar Peet
    Delmar Peet
    Pastor to Students + Families

    Delmar has served as Pastor to Students and Families since spring of 2015. His primary role is ministering to our students and their families while providing a fun, safe environment where they can take their next step with Jesus. This comes through quality programs, Biblical teaching, fun events, and just doing life together. He enjoys running, playing guitar, graphic design, kayaking, and photography.

  • Travis Pruden
    Travis Pruden
    Adult Minister

    Travis began on staff in the Fall of 2016, as Outreach Director, after a career in both the military and the healthcare industry.  Travis recently transitioned his talents to be better serve as the Adult Minister.  He will be handling Adult LIFE Group and discipleship of our adults.   He is married to Rhonda and they have one daughter Caroline.  

  • Matt Sprinkle
    Matt Sprinkle
    Middle School Minister

    Matt has been serving the middle school students at ADBC since the fall of 2016.  He has a great desire in helping middle school students find their identity in Christ, as they take their next steps in following Jesus.  He has a heart for discipleship and helping students grow deeper in their faith.  He is married to Kari and they have 2 children, Brantley and Sadie. 



  • Patti Bryan
    Patti Bryan
    Assistant to Mark Partin

    Patti has been on staff at Alice Drive since August 2002, serving in a variety of roles. She is currently the assistant to Mark Partin our Administrative Pastor. Patti along with her husband Alan lead a LIFE Group at 11:00 named the Misfits for Christ. Patti is married to her best friend Alan and they have one son Mathieu.

  • Rachael Burton
    Rachael Burton
    Kingdom Kids Director

    Rachael has been on staff since 2015, after extensive time volunteering with Alice Drive.  She is currently the Assistant to our Weekday Preschool Program Kingdom Kids.  She is married to James and has two boys Charlie & Riley.

  • Stephanie Humphreys
    Stephanie Humphreys
    Pocalla Campus Administrative Assistant

    Stephanie joined the staff in 2015 as the Outreach Assistant and became the Pocalla Ministry Assistant in 2016. In her new role, she assists Pastor Jock and his team with all the ministry needs of Pocalla Church. Stephanie and her husband Burt have three children: Michael, Matthew, and Abby

  • Laurie Hussey
    Laurie Hussey
    Prayer Coordinator and Executive Assistant to Clay Smith

    Laurie has served as the Executive Assistant to Pastor Clay Smith since 2010. She handles all of his administrative and scheduling needs, works closely with the Deacon Ministry and serves as the Prayer Coordinator for the Prayer Ministry. She enjoys being able to help the people at Alice Drive. Laurie is proud of her two children, Brittanny and Brandon Yando.

  • Mary Johnson
    Mary Johnson
    Adult Ministry Assistant

    After spending 14 years in West Africa, Mary Johnson relocated to Sumter in 2013 to live closer to her parents. She works as a ministry assistant for Todd Fleming, the Education and Discipleship Pastor. Mary and her husband, Stan, have 2 adult children, one daughter “in love”, and one grandson.

  • Sarah Jones
    Sarah Jones
    Kids Events Coordinator

    Sarah is the new Kids Event Associate, which oversees events such as Vacation Bible School, Fall Festival & other events throughout the year.  She has served as a volunteer in many aspects in the church, but her passion is Kids Ministry. Raised in Sumter, she is married to Sonny.  They have 2 children, Mary & Grayson. 


  • Sarah Lee
    Sarah Lee
    First Impressions Director

    Sarah has served on staff since 2005 and is responsible for producing the worship services and coordinating the teams that provide worship. She also coaches the vocalists at rehearsals, helps to plan services and music preparation. She is married to David and has three children, Christopher, Richard, and Lauren; and three grandchildren.

  • Bobbie McIntosh
    Bobbie McIntosh
    Financial Coordinator

    Bobbie has been serving in the Financial Office since 1998. She oversees the all the accounting aspects of the church. She is married to Billy, they have four boys and 11 grandchildren, five great-grandchildren and one Westie named Bear.

  • Jessica McLeod
    Jessica McLeod
    Preschool Volunteer Coordinator

    Jessica began work with Alice Drive in May Year 2015.  As nursery associate she is in charge of looking after all the precious babies at Alice Drive from birth to 35 months old through her wonderfully trained volunteers.  She trains, equips and leads leaders each Sunday and Wednesday.   She is married to Justin and have two children Ryland and Madelyn.  

  • Heather Merritt
    Heather Merritt
    Elementary Director

    Heather began as Elementary Associate in the fall of 2016 after serving as an intern summer of  2016 and a volunteer for many years. She has served as a missionary in Thailand along with being a lead dance instructor at Dreamworks.   Her role is to make sure that Sunday is the best day of the week!  She also coordinates volunteers, awana and summer programing.  Heather is currently a  student at USC.

  • Danielle Morris
    Danielle Morris
    Audio Tech

    Dannie has been volunteering at church for years in different capacities ranging from Leadership Team in the Students Department to helping usher when she was younger.  Alice Drive is the only church she has ever attended and now is running audio for the Worship Department part-time.  Dannie is also pursuing a degree in International Business at USC Sumter with intentions of transfering to USC Columbia.  She currently lives with her parents, two sisters and baby cousin. 

  • Perry "Bubba" Moses
    Perry "Bubba" Moses
    Director of Operations

    Perry, known by most as “Bubba”, joined the staff of ADBC in 2013 as Director of Operations. He has worked in accounting, computers, construction, real estate and medical practice management. He oversees the 60 acre campus physical plant, daily operations, maintains and coordinates the church’s calendar of events, and manages the church’s computer systems. Bubba enjoys serving and working with others to serve. He also enjoys all the little ones around the church and loves their smiles and hugs whenever he can get them! Bubba encourages anyone interested in trying out service opportunities around the campus to join the operations team for a first-serve experience. He is married to Tisha and has a daughter named Ally.

  • Stacy Nance
    Stacy Nance
    Next Steps Director

    Stacy joined the staff in 2012 as the Next Steps Director. Her mission at ADBC is to help people take their next step in their journey. Those steps include but are not limited to – baptism, membership, finding a LIFE Group, signing up for a class/event, and finding a place to serve. Stacy is married to Jimmy, and they have three sons-Jamie, Graeson and Derek. 


  • Chris Nygord
    Chris Nygord
    Graphic Designer

    Chris has been on staff in a variety of roles since 2004.  He has been graphic designer since 2006 and is responsible for all the graphic design for the Communications Department including the newsletter, bulletin, website and sermon series.  He is married to Cyndi.

  • Kelly Parker
    Kelly Parker
    Kids Ministry Assistant

    Kelly has been on staff as the Kids Ministry assistant since August 2015. She supports all reas of kids ministry, Mops, Childcare as well as leads our parents night out program.   She is married to Joe and together they have two children  Abigail and Caleb.

  • Tim Pickell
    Tim Pickell
    Audio Tech
  • Grey Shealy
    Grey Shealy
    Media Director
  • Londa Stanley
    Londa Stanley
    Student Ministries Coordinator

    Londa joined the staff this past summer, June 2016. She is the Student Ministries Coordinator. The Stanley family moved to the Sumter area in 2013, joining ADBC shortly after arriving. She is married to Allen Stanley with one son, Scott and one daughter, Alena.

  • Jason Troutman
    Jason Troutman
    Facilities Coordinator

    Jason started to work at ADBC in 2002 for Sunday night room setups and became full-time in 2003.  In 2013 he became the facilities coordinator overseeing all room setups and making sure the church is ready for all who attend.  Jason is married to Julie.



Deacons at ADBC are selected by the Church membership based on the criteria found in 1 Timothy 3: 8-13 and Acts 6: 1-7 and assist the Church Staff in ministering to the Church family. They are organized into ministry teams which, among other opportunities, visit the sick in hospitals, welcome new visitors, assist in the Lord’s Supper and encourage ADBC attendees as they “take their next step with Jesus”.





LARRY MINTON | Chairman, term ends 2018

Member since 1996
Spouse: Wanda
Children: Kristi, Craven
Church Ministry Involvement: Life Group, Guest Services
Occupation: Retired
Personal Bible Verse: Isaiah 53:6


HUGH CAMERON | Vice Chairman, term ends 2019

Member since 2001
Spouse: Elaine
Children: Nicole (John), Drew
Church Ministry Involvement: Host; LIFE Group Leader
Occupation: Defense Contractor
Personal Bible Verse: Psalm 13:5-6

OSCAR MCDUFFIE | Secretary, term ends 2018

Member since 2010
Spouse: Pamela
Children: Clint
Church Ministry Involvement: Guest Services
Occupation: Building Inspection
Personal Bible Verse:Philippians 4:13


JOE ALLBRITTON | Deacon, term ends 2018

Member since 1963
Spouse: Lisa
Children: Joseph, Diana, Joshua, William
Church Ministry Involvement: Life Group
Occupation: Business Manager



CHARLES BANGHART | Deacon, term ends 2018

Member since 1989
Spouse: Carla
Children: Justin, Amy, Emily
Church Ministry Involvement: Awana’s, Music Ministry
Occupation: Deputy U.S. Marshal
Personal Bible Verse: Matthew 5:1-12


KEN BELL | Deacon, term ends 2019

Member since 2005
Children: Chuck, Chad, and Crystal
Church Ministry Involvement: Fusion LIFE Group
Occupation: P.I.O. Sumter County Sheriff’s Office
Personal Bible Verse:John 3:16



MAXWELL BOHN | Deacon, term ends 2018

Member since 2013
Spouse: Georgia
Children: Kathy, Larry, Robbie
Church Ministry Involvement: Life Group, Guest Services
Occupation: Custodian
Personal Bible Verse :Jeremiah 29:11, Psalm 23, Psalm 148, Matthew 6:34, and Ephesians 6:10-20


LAWRENCE CARRIGAN | Deacon, term ends 2019

Member since 2015
Spouse: Mary
Children: Hailee, Julia, Caleb, Carmen
Church Ministry Involvement: Misfits for Christ, Next Step Room, Infants
Occupation: Teacher
Personal Bible VersePhilippians 3:14


BRYAN CAUGHMAN | Deacon, term ends 2019

Member since 2014
Spouse: Leslie Day
Children: Winnie Day, Lyla Jean
Church Ministry Involvement: Nursery
Occupation: Farm Manager
Personal Bible Verse:Ecclesiastes 11:4


HUNTER CHEWNING | Deacon, term ends 2018

Member since 1988
Spouse: Grace
Children: Morgan, Parker
Occupation: Security Systems
Personal Bible Verse:Luke 1:37



DONNIE DANIEL | Deacon, term ends 2019

Member since 2002
Spouse: Julie
Children: Sydney, Lindsey
Church Ministry Involvement: ADBC history, Deacon, Stewardship Team, Personnel Committee, Host
Occupation: Financial Advisor
Personal Bible Verse:Philippians 4:13


CHAD DOWLING | Deacon, term ends 2018

Member since 2014
Spouse: Stephanie
Children: Caroline, Kaitlyn, Gracen
Occupation: Furniture
Personal Bible Verse:Ephesians 6:13



RYAN GLOSSON | Deacon, term ends 2019

Member since 2014
Spouse: Felicia
Children: Dillon, Connor, Colby
Church Ministry Involvement: VBS, Awana, Prayer Warrior, LIFE Group
Occupation: First Sargeant, U.S. Air Force
Personal Bible Verse:Philippians 4:13


RICHARD GULLEDGE | Deacon, term ends 2018

Member since 1982
Spouse: Beverly
Children: Whit, Leslie Day
Church Ministry Involvement: Life Group
Occupation: Glasscock Company
Personal Bible Verse:John 3:16


GARY HALL | Deacon, term ends 2019

Member since 2011
Spouse: Margaret Ann
Church Ministry Involvement: Host
Occupation: USAF Retired
Personal Bible Verse:I John 1:9



EDDIE HOBBS | Deacon, term ends 2017

Member since 1976
Spouse: Connie
Children: Trey, Harrison, Anna
Church Ministry Involvement: Student Ministry
Occupation: Sheriff’s Office
Personal Bible Verse:James 4:8


BILL HORNE | Deacon, term ends 2019

Member since 2006
Spouse: Barbara
Church Ministry Involvement: LIFE Group
Occupation: Retired
Personal Bible Verse: Matthew 6:21



ROY HUBER | Deacon, term ends 2019

Member since 2008
Spouse: Brenda
Church Ministry Involvement: Host, Prison Ministry, LIFE Group Desk
Occupation: Retired USAF, Realtor
Personal Bible Verse: 2 Corinthians 5:17



MARCUS HUGGINS | Deacon, term ends 2018

Member since 1976
Spouse: Cheryl
Children: Andrew
Church Ministry Involvement: Amp Group Leader, Praise Team, and Nursery
Occupation: Maintenance Supervisor
Personal Bible Verse:Philippians 4:13


WILBER JEFFCOAT | Deacon, term ends 2018

Member since 2001
Spouse: Margaret
Children: Debbie, Chris
Church Ministry Involvement: Journey Kids, Life Group Substitute Leader
Occupation: Pro Photographer
Personal Bible Verse:1 Peter 3:15; Psalm 23


GREG KIGHT | Deacon, term ends 2018

Member since 2012
Spouse: Carolyn
Children: Preston, Brenda, Courtney
Church Ministry Involvement: Life Group, FISH Class Leader, Botswana Missions
Occupation: Insurance Agent
Personal Bible Verse:John 3:16


RON KITTLE | Deacon, term ends 2019

Member since 2008
Spouse: Jan
Children: Amy, Megan
Church Ministry Involvement: LIFE Group, Choir, Special Music
Occupation: Retired Supplier Quality Engineer
Personal Bible Verse:Hebrews 2:12 ; Psalm 22:22


MICHAEL LIVINGSTON | Deacon, term ends 2018

Member since 2007
Spouse: Auddra
Children: Nate
Church Ministry Involvement: Monday Night Life Group Leader
Occupation: US Air Force
Personal Bible Verse:Philippians 4:13


RICKY LOTTS | Deacon, term ends 2018

Member since 2013
Spouse: Deane
Children: Michael, Carter
Church Ministry Involvement: Life Group
Occupation: Human Resources and Risk Management
Personal Bible Verse:Philippians 4:13


STAN MCLEOD | Deacon, term ends 2018

Member since 2004
Spouse: Debbie
Children: Mark, Justin
Church Ministry Involvement: Baptism Team
Occupation: Real Estate Agent
Personal Bible Verse:John 3:16


JUSTIN MCLEOD | Deacon, term ends 2018

Member since 2010
Spouse: Jessica
Children: Ryland, Madelyn
Church Ministry Involvement: Usher
Occupation: Forestry Consultant
Personal Bible Verse:Philippians 4:13

LEE MONAHAN | Deacon, term ends 2019

Member since 2014
Spouse: Crystal
Children: Finley
Church Ministry Involvement: Safety Team, Nursery
Occupation: Deputy Sheriff
Personal Bible Verse:2 Timothy 3:14

JAMES MOYE | Deacon, term ends 2018

Member since 2007
Spouse: Vivian
Children: Michael, Tyler, Brooke, Brandon, Eric
Church Ministry Involvement: Prison Ministry
Occupation: Engineering Management
Personal Bible Verse:John 3:16

JIMMY NANCE | Deacon, term ends 2019

Member since 2015
Spouse: Stacy

Children: Jamie, Graeson, & Derek
Church Ministry Involvement: Connections LIFE Group, Safety Team
Occupation: Office Manager
Personal Bible Verse: Psalm 46:10

MICHAEL RIDGEWAY | Deacon, term ends 2018

Member since 2013
Spouse: Karla
Children: Rhiannon, Dakota
Church Ministry Involvement: Life Group, FISH Class Leader
Occupation: Manufacturing
Personal Bible Verse:John 15:5

LARRY ROGERS | Deacon, term ends 2019

Member since 1965
Spouse: Troy
Children: Lisa Taylor, Lad Rogers
Church Ministry Involvement: LIFE Group Leader, Financial Committee
Occupation: Farm Loans and Outreach Farm Service Agency
Personal Bible Verse:John 3:16

JOE SIMMONS | Deacon, term ends 2019

Member since 2013
Spouse: Laura
Children: Derek, Cole
Church Ministry Involvement: 9th Grade Student Leader
Occupation: U.S. Air Force
Personal Bible Verse:Philippians 4:13 ; Proverbs 26:11

GERALD SIMS | Deacon, term ends 2018

Member since 2013
Spouse: Dana
Children: Erick, Auddra
Church Ministry Involvement: Operation Inasmuch, Journey Kids
Occupation: Retired
Personal Bible Verse: Romans 6:23

JOEL SINGLETARY | Deacon, term ends 2018

Member since 2006
Spouse: Libby
Children: Erik, Kim
Church Ministry Involvement: Operation Inasmuch, HELPS Ministry
Occupation: Retired
Personal Bible Verse: Matthew 25:40

CLARKE SMITH | Deacon, term ends 2019

Member since 2013
Spouse: Heather
Children: Greyson Cole
Occupation: Service, Jones Buick GMC



R MARK SMITH | Deacon, term ends 2018

Member since 2003
Spouse: Carolyn
Children: Stuart, Adrienne, Laura
Church Ministry Involvement: Church Moderator, Life Group
Occupation: Retired
Personal Bible Verse: Joshua 1:9

MARK SONGER | Deacon, term ends 2019

Member since 2005
Spouse: Michelle
Children: MacKeegan, Christian
Church Ministry Involvement: Celebrate Recovery, Online Church
Personal Bible Verse:2 Corinthians 12:9 ; Romans 8:1


DRUE SPIGNER | Deacon, term ends 2018

Member since 2006
Spouse: Dee Dee
Children: Drew, Sarah
Church Ministry Involvement: TruLife
Occupation: Forestry
Personal Bible Verse: Psalm 23

ALLEN STANLEY | Deacon, term ends 2018

Member since 2013
Spouse: Londa
Children: George, Scott, Alena
Church Ministry Involvement: Life Group, AMP Group Leader
Occupation: USAF Officer
Personal Bible Verse: Romans 5:8

EMMETT TOLSON | Deacon, term ends 2018

emmett tolson 1288629644

Member since 2006

Spouse: Marsha
Children: Jennie, Karen, Angie
Church Ministry Involvement: Operation Inasmuch, Homebound Visitation, Greeter, Baptism Team, Nursing Home Devotions, Personnel Team and Vision Team
Occupation: Retired
Personal Bible Verse: Ephesians 2:8-9

ANDREW THORNE | Deacon, term ends 2018

Member since 2001
Spouse: Cecelia
Children: Michael, Mary Ellen
Church Ministry Involvement: Life Group
Occupation: SC Air National Guard
Personal Bible Verse: Psalm 144:1-2


BRANDON WHARTON | Deacon, term ends 2018

Member since 2009
Spouse: Allison
Children: Carly
Church Ministry Involvement: Guest Connection
Occupation: Contractor
Personal Bible Verse:Proverbs 18:10

ALAN YU | Deacon, term ends 2018

Member since 2011
Church Ministry Involvement: Life Group
Occupation: Transportation Planner
Personal Bible Verse:John 3:16




Vision Council

The Vision Council, along with the Lead Pastor, shall be responsible for directing the energies of the Church to fulfill its mission. This shall be accomplished through prayer, counsel and recommendations of specific action to the Church and its various teams. They serve as the body that receives nominations for the office of Deacon, ensuring those nominated are qualified, are properly informed of Biblical/Church expectations and are willing to serve. These names will then be forwarded to the Church for election. The Lead Pastor serves as the leader of the Vision Council.


BEVERLY GULLEDGE | Vision Council Member

Member Since 05/02/1982
Spouse: Richard
Personal Bible Verse: Matthew 6




KEVIN JOHNSON | Vision Council Member

Member Since 01/17/2010
Spouse: Lisa
Children: Britt, Delaney
Church Ministry Involvement: BCG Team Leader, Fish Class Facilitator, VBS Teacher
Occupation: Business Unit Manager (Becton and Dickinson)
Personal Bible Verse: Proverbs 16:9  - In their hearts humans plan their course,  but the LORD establishes their steps.

SONNY JONES | Vision Council Member

Member Since 02/20/2011
Spouse: Sarah
Children: Grayson, Mary
Church Ministry Involvement: Music Ministry
Occupation: General Surgeon
Personal Bible Verse: Jeremiah 29:11 - For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


ALLEN STANLEY | Vision Council Member


11 george allen stanley      Member since 2013
      Spouse: Londa
      Children: George, Scott, Alena
     Church Ministry Involvement: Life Group, AMP Group Leader
      Occupation: USAF Officer
     Personal Bible Verse: Romans 5:8


EMMETT TOLSON |Vision Council Member


Member Since 08/20/2006
Spouse: Marsha
Personal Bible Verse: Ephesians 2:8-9



CHERIE WILLIAMS | Vision Council Member


Member Since 1997

Spouse: Mark 

Children: Tyler & Ashleigh 

Occupation: Physical Therapist 




Larry Minton | Vision Council Member -Deacon Team Representative

111 larry minton

Member since 1996

Spouse: Wanda

Children: Kristi, Craven
Church Ministry Involvement: Life Group, Guest Services
Occupation: Retired
Personal Bible Verse: Isaiah 53:6

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